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Your One Stop IP consultant, the new and innovative way to protect and manage your Intellectual Property assets all in one place.

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IPRXPERT SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD. (IPR) was established in 2011 with the aim of providing customized or specialized solutions to help owners of intellectual property (IP) exploit and protect their IP rights. We have 6 years of experience in this area and have worked closely with multiple Multi-National Companies (MNCs).

We focus on providing Product Audit, Product Investigation, Tele Compliance & Enforcement services to companies by promoting the “GENUINE PRODUCT” to customers. By creating a strong awareness in the market, customers are educated on the benefits of software licensing and this helps reduce the risks of infringement.


The necessary process to create visibility, effectiveness and efficiency in sales monitoring activities after an audit is conducted, through compliance enforcement within the laws of Malaysia.

Secure, accurate and credible information on audited organizations, corporate conduct and reputation, intellectual property rights and indigenous cultural expressions in Malaysia.

An increased awareness and knowledge on intellectual property rights in Malaysia.

Education on compliance obligations to an organization to drive increase adoption rate of genuine software. To promote the knowledge of actual and potential impact if a settlement is not achieved, through the government policies established under the ACT 617 sub of Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Act 2002.

Long Term Aim of the Business

IPR to have an ongoing sustainable solutions offering, be it to current or new corporate.

This is done by establishing a professional relationship with principle companies.

Our Services

We Protect Your Brand

Patent & Trademark Services

Our professional team provides a wide range of solutions to help you protect your inventions and your brands.

Product Investigation

Our team comprises of 8 individuals in 3 distinct teams to help seek, identify and locate infringers of intellectual property rights.

Software Asset Management

Our team will help ensure that your customers are using licensed software. We have assisted in the recovery of lost licensing fees of up to US$1.5m a year by ensuring customers are legalizing their software in order to be compliant.


We deliver, through our tele-compliance services a comprehensive SAM engagement that helps resolve compliance gaps while encouraging the use of licensed programs and product upsell. This helps our client in engaging both existing or new customer with a soft approach towards the legalization of their programs usage.

Raids & Enforcement

We help our client to move the relevant enforcement agencies in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.


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Why are Counterfeit Products on the Rise?

Your company has just launched a new product. With positive reviews in the market and social media, the sales figure is looking good. You are about to celebrate your success when you receive news of a cheaper version of your product with similar packaging and features in the market. Does this sound familiar? If so, your business has been a victim of counterfeiting.

What is counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is the manufacturing or distribution of goods under another organization’s brand without the permission of the brand owner. The goods usually have similar features and design as the original but is often of an inferior quality. In some cases, even the logos are so similar that consumers can’t tell the difference between the real and the fake. Many types of products can be counterfeited including apparel, accessories, music, software, medications, food, toys, and electronic gadgets. Such an act is a crime in many countries.

Why are goods counterfeited?

High demand - Usually, the goods targeted for counterfeiting are branded items which are popular and highly valued by consumers. Demand for such products are normally much higher than supply, thus creating market opportunities for counterfeiters.

Cash cows - It takes a long time, a lot of effort and plenty of resources to conceptualize, develop and produce a good product. It is also not easy to build a popular and reputable brand. Counterfeiters want to take the shortcut to success by selling imitation goods of successful brands and profiting from the goodwill of these brands. It is a quick way to get rich without all the hard work.

Lack of consumer awareness - Many counterfeited products are manufactured to such keen likeness as the original that it is hard to tell the difference between the real thing and the imitation. Most consumers are also not educated on the importance of using the real products. For example, pirated software can corrupt your hard disk. In most cases, they are unaware that purchasing counterfeited goods is a crime. Counterfeiting also thrives in countries where there is a lack of law enforcement against this crime.

Counterfeiting eats into your business revenue as it takes away actual sales. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent it from happening to your company. IPRXpert Solutions Sdn. Bhd., an IP consultancy service provider for software companies, can advise you on how to prevent counterfeiting. Secure your business today by contacting us at +(603) 9054 2405.

How to Protect Your Invention?

New product development is a long term investment in time, money, and human resources. Hence, the end-product or invention, which determines your company’s survival, needs to be protected at all costs. In Malaysia, you can protect your company’s invention via these 3 methods:


A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. With patent protection, no other party can manufacture, use, or distribute your company’s invention without your permission. Patent protection is usually granted for a limited period of 20 years. During this time, your company may permit or licence other parties to use your inventions as you see fit.

In Malaysia, patent protection is governed by the Patents Act 1983 effective from 1 October 1986. Patent application can be made through the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO).


A trademark is a distinctive sign identifying goods/services produced or provided by an individual or a company. It can comprise a word, phrase, symbol, design, or any combination of these elements. Trademark helps your target consumers identify and purchase your product. It is also a reflection of your company brand and quality manifestation. With trademark protection, your company has the exclusive right to use the trademarks, or authorize other parties to use them in return for payment.

Trademark protection in Malaysia is governed by the Trade Marks Act 1976 and the Trade Marks Regulations 1997. New applications filed on or after 15 February 2011 and trademarks already registered as at this same date will come under the purview of the Trade Marks (Amendment) Regulations 2011. Registration of a trademark must be filed with MyIPO.


If your company deals in works by artists or architectural services, copyright is your concern. Copyright covers literary works, films, music, artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures; and architectural design. Copyright laws grant authors, artists and other creators protection for their literary and artistic creations, This protection also extends certain basic rights to the creators’ heirs and successors. They hold the exclusive right to use or authorize others to use the work on agreed terms.

The governance of copyright in Malaysia comes under the Copyright Act 1987. Formal registration is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended that the creation of the work and its ownership are properly documented. A simple copyright claim notification with the symbol © including the ownership details and year of publication would suffice. The protection period for literary, musical or artistic works published during the author’s lifetime is for the life of the author and another 50 years after his/her death.

It is important to seek legal protection for your company’s invention to deter counterfeiting, misuse, and misrepresentation. With proper protection, you can preserve your company’s reputation and revenue stream. Make the smart choice today, contact IPRXpert at +(603) 9054 2405 for a comprehensive consultative session.

5 Reasons to Protect Your Invention

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), intellectual property (IP) is defined as the creations of the mind which include any inventions, symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. An invention is an idea of an inventor which permits in practice the solution to a specific problem in the field of technology.

The definition of invention is especially relevant to companies producing technological related products such as electronic gadgets, software, computers, and telecommunication devices. If steps are not taken to secure your inventions, your company may suffer these dire consequences when your invention is counterfeited:


Any invention/product which is not protected under any law can be stolen by employees or even competitors. Without any legal protection or formal record, there is no way to claim that the invention originated and belonged to your company. This means that your invention is most susceptible to theft, creating an opportunity for it to be copied and used to another party's benefit.

Brand integrity

Typically, consumers identify your company products via your logo or trademark consisting of names, images, or symbols. This trademark is associated with the goodwill which comes with successful brand building with your target customers. If your company products are counterfeited, the imitation goods of inferior quality will most likely carry the same trademark. This will reflects badly on your company. The simple act of registering your trademark can prevent misuse by external party, thus preserving the integrity of your brand and your company’s reputation.

Competitive disadvantage

Without legal protection, the cutting edge technology behind your company’s latest product can be easily stolen or traded to rivals. You lose your competitive edge. Timely patent registration, employment agreements and nondisclosure agreements are a few steps that can be taken to protect trade secrets and patents.

Loss of revenue

When your inventions can be easily duplicated in the counterfeit market, they would be sold at lower prices. Since consumers are unlikely to resist a bargain, they will readily opt for the counterfeited goods. Your company will lose business revenue. Prolonged exposure to counterfeiting will erode company profitability and affect future market development.

Exclusive rights

A patented invention under your company’s name will give you exclusive rights to sell or licence a product including transfer of technology to another party. No other party can lay claim to your invention without your consent. Hence, you reap the benefit of your invention. Clear rights ownership can facilitate future business deals and add value to your company.

Your invention is your idea. Therefore, you need to take appropriate steps to protect your interest and secure your company’s market share and reputation. For more comprehensive advice on IP related issues, please contact IPRXpert Solutions Sdn. Bhd. at +(603) 9054 2405.